Text Box: POM  2010
21th Annual Conference of the Production and Operations Management Society
May 7-10 Vancouver, Canada
      Edited by Mark D. Hanna, Georgia Southern University

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  Name Abstract # Paper Title
  Alard; Robert 015-0332 Total Cost of Ownership and Strategic Implication Considerations in Global Sourcing Processes
  Albuquerque; Antonio R P L 015-0749 Identification of Regional Impacts from the Introduction of Production of Oil and Gas in the Deep-sea Oil Reserves in Santos, Brazil
  Al;i Sadia Samar 015-0264 Innovative Approach to Patients Satisfaction: A Case of Indian Private Hospitals
  Al-Turki; Umar M. 015-0191 Scheduling Physicians in a University Clinic
  Alves, Robson De Paula 015-0936 Integrated Maintenance: Feasibility and Effectiveness of Interoperability Between Condition Monitoring and Integrated Management System
  Alvizos, Emmanouil 015-0293 What is Servitization Anyway?
  Amasaka, Kakuro 015-0197 Review of the New Japan Global Production Model “NJ-GPM”: Strategic Development of Advanced TPS
  Amato-Neto, João 015-0092 Exploring Boundaries between Music and Management: Musical Themes and Visions in Operations Management
  Amato-Neto, João 015-0093 Maestro as Manager: The Work of Conductors Beyond the Stage
  Amato-Neto, João 015-0115 Strategy and Competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Emergent Countries: Brazilian Cases
  Angelis, Jannis 015-0084 Lean and Organisational Fit: Unbundling Implementation
  Arana, Iván Andrés 015-0794 Manufacturing Strategy and Technology Operations Practices: An Empirical Study for Machinery Plants
  Azadegan, Arash 015-0375 An Empirical Assessment of the Link between Industrial Upgrading and Firm Innovativeness in China
  Bagchi, Tapan P 015-0574 Extracting Managerial Implications by Kano Model from a Cross-Cultural Survey of QWL - Learning from UAE
  Bagchi, Tapan P 015-0896 Toward Gage R&R Guidelines that Improve the Power of Statistically Designed Experiments
  Bandeira,Renata Albergaria de Mello 015-0073 Identifying Decision Factors for Logistics Outsourcing in the Brazilian Automotive Industry
  Baranek, Andrej 015-0178 The DNA of Toyota Revisited: Issues and Challenges of Lean Implementation
  Battistella, Cinzia 015-0443 The Organization for Corporate Foresight: A Multiple Case Study in the Telecommunication Industry
  Beamon, Benita M. 015-0520 Environmental Sustainability in Support of Disaster Resilience in Food Supply Chains
  Belfiore, Patrícia 015-0596 Forecasting Practices in the Brazilian Food Industries
  Belfiore, Patrícia 015-0603 A Neural Network Model for Forecasting Production Time Series in Brazilian Industries
  Bello-Pintado, Alejandro 015-0607 The Use of Quality Practices in Emerging Economies: Determinants and Impact of Performance in Latin America
  Bello-Pintado, Alejandro 015-0609 Ancillary Services´ Outsourcing Decision: The Effects of Trade Unions
  Benitez-Amado, Jose 015-0028 Shaping Business Value of Information Technology through Innovation-Supportive Culture
  Bhamra, Ran S 015-0633 Unified Guidelines for Resilience
  Brun, Sergio Adelar 015-0799 Planning for Production Services as a Tool for Integration of Professional Accounting
  Burcher, Peter G 015-0022 Approaches to Quality Used by Companies on Both Sides of the Atlantic
  Camargo, Maria Emilia 015-0748 Reverse Logistics Operation of a Unit of Mineral Water Filling the City of Recife-PE
  Campanerut, Matteo 015-0791 Moving Towards a Customer-Focused Approach in Facility Management: Lessons from a Case Study
  Cao, Yuheng 015-0795 Coping with the Planning of Rewards Supply in Loyalty Reward Programs – A Mathematical Formulation Model
  Carpinetti, Luiz Ribeiro 015-0044 Proposal of a Model of Maturity Levels in Management of Industrial Clusters
  Carpinetti, Luiz Ribeiro 015-0045 Performance Management SMEs: A Design Method and Information System for Continuous Improvement
  Carvalho, Karine Lima de 015-0411 The Paradigm of Sustainability in Production Engineering: A Theoretical Perspective
  Castillo, Ignacio 015-0107 Joint Pricing and Inventory/Production Decisions in a Dual-channel Retailer Supply Chain
  Cavenaghi, Vagner 015-0466 Sustainability and Performance Management Systems
  Cavenaghi, Vagner 015-0474 Implementation of a Knowledge Management Program and its Impact on the Management System: Case Study at an Industrial Company
  Cavenaghi, Vagner 015-0476 Knowledge Management Aligned with Performance Indicators: Case Study at a Food Company
  Chandraprakaikul, Watcharavee 015-0531 An Analysis of Mapping Tools for Lean Supply Chain: A Case Study in Thailand
  Chandraprakaikul, Watcharavee 015-0554 A Model for Designing Effective Humanitarian Relief Supply Chains – A Case Study in Thailand
  Chen, Yen-Tsang 015-0482 Internationalization Strategy of the Brazilian Coffee Industry: Analysis of Operational Antecedents
  Chen, Yen-Tsang 015-0547 Service Quality in the Brazilian Fitness Industry: An Analysis from Diverse Roles Assumed by the Customer
  Claes, Björn 015-0249 Challenges in Transforming Manufacturers into Integrated Product-Service Providers
  Clegg, Ben 015-0335 Governance Architectures for Inter-Organizational R&D Collaboration
  Conforto, Edivandro Carlos 015-0263 Agile Project Management and Innovative Product Development: Benefits and Challenges of Two Companies from São Carlos Tech-Pole, Brazil
  Damiani, Wagner 015-0761 Social Knowledge
  de Souza Santos, Suzana B. 015-0480 Quality Index and Hospital Accreditation: A Case Study in Brazil
  Dobrzykowski, David D. 015-0242 Integrating the Decentralized Healthcare Delivery Supply Chain
  Dominguez, Machuca Jose Antonio 015-0767 Congruency Fit: Beyond Performance in the Auto Supplier Industry
  El-Bouri, Ahmed 015-0610 Minimizing Mean Tardiness in a Buffer-constrained Dynamic Flowshop - A Comparative Study
  Ellis, Scott 015-0462 Core and Overlapping Knowledge, Integration, and Process Performance: An Empirical Study of the Buyer-Product Engineer Dyad
  Eriksson, Stefan 015-0037 Call-Off Production, Triggered by the Traditional Kanban Card or by Electronic Kanban: A Case Study at Ericsson
  Fawcett, Stanley E. 015-0350 Overcoming the Wall of Resistance: A Socio-Structural View of Supply Chain Collaboration
  Finke, Gandolf Reginald 015-0668 A Comparison of Quantitative Methods in Supply Chain Risk Management – Benefits and Drawbacks
  Flecha, Angela Cabral 015-0928 Competitive Alignment of the Tourism Network
  Fleury, Afonso Carlos 015-0517 Road Map for the Internationalization of Firms from Emerging Economies
  Found, Pauline Anne 015-0013 An Integrative Thinking Approach to Organizational Learning
  Found, Pauline Anne 015-0135 Critical Thinking and its Role in Effective Problem Solving
  Found, Pauline Anne 015-0136 Rethinking Strategic Orientations to Manage Contemporary Supply Chains, as Applied to the UK Touring Caravan Industry
  Francischini, Paulino G. 015-0522 Identified Benefits of BPM Tools in Brazilian Insurance Companies
  Francischini, Andresa Neto 015-0785 Technology and Precocious Internationalization in Brazilian Companies
  Freires, Francisco Gaudencio 015-0001 Reverse Logistics Systems of the Empty Packings of Agricultural Pesticides in Brazil
  Freires, Francisco Gaudencio 015-0024 Biodiesel in Brazil: Policies, Resources and Trends
  Fu, Mingang 015-0065 Extracting and Analyzing Information from Large Volume of Aircraft Repair Messages
  Fuchs, Sascha 015-0281 Simulation-based Configuration of Value Stream-oriented Production Control
  Gargeya, Vidyaranya B. 015-0090 “Going Global”: Developing Global Supply Network and Manufacturing Culture Study Tour in China
  Gomes, Clandia Maffini 015-0434 Analysis of the Relationship Between Innovative Performance and Company Size
  Gomes, Leonardo Augusto 015-0652 Proposition of a Dynamic Approach for a Technology Roadmap
  Gomes, Leonardo Augusto 015-0853 A New Approach for the Development of Academic Spin-offs
  Gomes, Clandia Maffini 015-0873 The Influence of Innovation Management for Sustainable Development Practices in the Internationalization Process
  Gomes, de Castro Marcos Daniel 015-0879 Reverse Logistics Applied to Oily Wastes Management
  Gouvêa, Maria Aparecida 015-0864 Identification of Influencing Factors on Product Purchase Through the Internet
  Gouvêa, Maria Aparecida 015-0867 Offline and Online Channels for Requesting Tourist Services
  Gouvêa, Maria Aparecida 015-0874 The Use of Distance Education Tools in Teaching Statistics
  Gouvea, da Costa Sergio E 015-0777 The Contribution of an Integrated Management System to the Manufacturing Strategy: A Case Study
  Graman, Gregory A 015-0664 Biomass Feedstock Supply Chains
  Gross, Uwe 015-0477 Coordination and Cooperation During Production Ramp-up: An Empirical Study of the European Manufacturing Industry
  Haijun, Lv 015-0584 Building and Security Measures of China's Large Civil Aircraft Industry Independent Innovation Network
  Hammami, Ramzi 015-0417 Impacts of Lead Times Constraints on Supply Chain Decisions
  Harrington, Tomás 015-0626 Sustainable Service Network Design: A Framework for Integrating Competing Priorities in Through-life Product Service Systems
  Henriksen, Bjørnar 015-0851 Improving Competitiveness in Craft Manufacturing - Quality Improvement in the Automotive and Leisure Boat Industry
  Hopkins, John L. 015-0008 Smartphones Tune into the Supply Chain
  Hu, Guiyan 015-0439 Optimization for Input/Output Routing of Multi-arms Stacker Crane in Automated Warehouse, Based on Tabu Search
  Huang, Chikong 015-0036 The Periodic Vehicle Routing Problem with the Joint Replenishment Planning under Supply Chain Environment
  Humpl, Doris 015-0259 The Contributions of Logistics to Enhance Energy Efficiency in Freight Traffic
  Ikeda, Erika Kajiyama 015-0949 Governance Analysis and Transaction Cost in the Relationship Among Companies
  Ikeda, Erika Kajiyama 015-0950 Simulation of the Decision Models to Align Forecast and Inventory in the Supply Chain Strategy
  Jain, Karuna 015-0408 A Decision Support System for Resource-constrained Multi-project Scheduling Problem Using Genetic Algorithm
  Jain, Karuna 015-0551 Planned Preemption for Flexible Resource Constrained Project Scheduling
  Jain, Karuna 015-0557 Managing Airport Supply Chain: An Ethiopian Case Study
  Jain, Karuna 015-0564 The Effect of New Technology on Diffusion: The Case of India
  Jena, Debashish 015-0653 Multi-stage Hybrid Re-entrant Flow Shop Planning with Application to Aluminum Flat Rolled Product
  Johnson, Dana M. 015-0222 Online Learning Versus Face-to-Face Instruction in a Project Management Course
  Johnson, Dana M 015-0479 GIS-based Approach of Identification of the Optimal Pulpwood-to-Biofuel Facility Location in Michigan's Upper Peninsula
  Jorge, Ricardo Reolon 015-0743 The Transmission of Credit Risk in the Brazilian Shoes Supply Chain
  Júnior, Abraão Freires Saraiva 015-0454 Product-decision Mix: A Bibliometric Analysis of International Academic Publishing
  Júnior, Abraão Freires Saraiva 015-0458 Product-mix Decision from the Perspective of Time-driven Activity-based Costing
  Kaipia, Riikka 015-0157 Organization Design Approach to the Management of Contract Manufacturing Process – Managing Uncertainties
  Kenyon, George Norman 015-0330 Calculating Process Capability Index with Limited Information
  Kern, Daniel 015-0501 Managing Supply Chain Risk: A Supply-Side Perspective
  Kiassat, Corey 015-0109 Recognizing Significant Human-Related Factors Affecting Systems Reliability
  Kim, Hongbae 015-0605 ANP-based Reverse Logistics Model for e-Waste Management
  Kinkel, Steffen 015-0760 Changing Patterns of Production Relocation and Backshoring Activities in the Course of the Economic Crisis
  Kirkwood, David 015-0578 Developing a Configuration Perspective for Sustainable Supply Network Design
  Knutstad, Gaute 015-0625 The Paradox of Hyper-bureaucracy and Lean in High-tech Manufacturing
  Kocabasoglu, Hillmer Canan 015-0023 Do Buyers and Suppliers Perceive Their Relationship Similarly: An Empirical Study
  Kristal, Murat 015-0778 An Empirical Investigation of the Role of Supply Chain Absorptive Capacity on Innovation and Performance
  Kuzgunkaya, Onur 015-0855 Cost-effective Handling of Disruptions in Production Management
  Labegalini, Letícia 015-0844 Green Supply Chain Management: The State-of-the-art Literature Review on Production, Logistics and Operations Journals
  Lavassani, Kayvan Miri 015-0536 Adoption of Electronic Government: A Process Paradigm Perspective
  Lavassani, Kayvan Miri 015-0545 Critical Analysis of the Supply Chain Management Theories: Toward the Stakeholder Theory
  Lavassani, Kayvan Miri 015-0831 Achieving Supply Chain Performance Through Business Process Orientation
  Leiras, Adriana 015-0250 Robust Optimization for Coordination of Integrated Multirefinery Networks
  Levesque, Moren 015-0048 Employees’ Break-offs and the Birth of Industrial Clusters
  Li, Cuihong 015-0118 Supply Base Design for Supplier Competition and Investment of Effort
  Li, Cuihong 015-0151 Advance Demand Information, Price Discrimination, and Pre-order Strategies
  Liang, Hao Dong 015-0941 The Application of GA in the Location of a Distribution Center
  Liao, Ying-Ying 015-0021 Service Quality through the Lens of National Culture: Experience from Taiwan’s Hospitality Sector
  Lindskog, Christina 015-0611 Outcome of Lean in Swedish Healthcare - Rationalization or Increased Patient Value?
  Loach, Deborah 015-0046 Scheduling According to Physician Average Procedure Times in Endoscopy Suites
  Lockstrom, Martin 015-0538 Antecedents to Supplier Integration in China: A Quantitative Study
  Lopes, Camila Papa 015-0781 Toyota Motor European (TME) Sustainable Logistics: An Example to Brazil
  Lopes, Camila Papa 015-0788 Organizational Culture by Change Management: DHL Global Forwarding Case Study
  Lozano Marie-Anne Leal 015-0703 Management Tools for Family Farming
  Luo, Jianxi 015-0985 Measuring and Understanding Hierarchy as an Architectural Element in Production Sectors
  Machline, Claude 015-0711 The Global Supply Chain Pricing Dynamics
  Makuschewitz, Thomas 015-0387 An Approach for the Integration of Production Scheduling and Inter-facility Transportation within Global Supply Chains
  Makuschewitz, Thomas 015-0639 An Approach to Supply Chain Design Based on Robust Capacity Allocation of Production Locations
  Manotas, Duque Diego Fernando 015-0399 Working Capital Exposure: A Methodology to Control Economic Performance in Production Environments by Projects
  Mansouri, Afshin 015-0393 Pareto Optimization for Informed Decision Making in Supply Chain Management
  Margherita, Alessandro 015-0599 Streamlining New Product Development (NPD) in Aerospace Through Knowledge-based Engineering (KBE)
  Martins, Ricardo Silveira 015-0031 Characteristics of the Demand of Transport Service: What Matters to Small and Medium-Sized Industrial Shippers in Brazil?
  Martins, Guilherme Silveira 015-0632 Productivity and Scientific Cooperation: An Analysis of the Operations Management Field
  Marx, Roberto 015-0003 The Relation Between Shareholder Value and Human Resources Management in Manufacturing Settings
  Marzagão, Daniela Santana L. 015-0508 Portfolio Management: A Quantitative Study of its Implementation and Challenges Found
  Marzagão, Daniela Santana L. 015-0576 Project Portfolio Management: Literature Review
  Medina, Jorge Eduardo 015-0040 Application of the Integral Model of Productivity for Textile and Apparel Industry in Columbia
  Méndez-Piñero, Mayra I. 015-0366 Decision Support System (DSS) for Machine Selection: A Cost Minimization Model
  Michaelides, Roula 015-0822 Optimisation of Logistics Operations Using Global Positioning Satellite Technology Solutions: A Case Study
  Michaelides, Zenon Michael 015-0870 E-enabling Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Operations for an African Air Transport Operator: A Case Study
  Michaelides, Zenon Michael 015-0877 Development of a Demand-Driven Internet-enabled Planning, Control & Distribution System in the Food Processing Supply Chain Sector
  Migue,l Priscila Laczynski 015-0666 Supply Chain Management and its Antecedents: An Empirical Investigation in Brazil
  Moramarco, Rossella 015-0724 How Trust Influences Transactions in E-sourcing of Logistics Services
  Moreira, Fernanda Kempner 015-0594 Competitiveness and Efficient Management in Organizations of Health Services
  Msimangira, Kabossa Adolf 015-0562 Supply Chain Integration Operational Issues: Impact on Supplier Relationships and Order Fulfillment in New Zealand Public Hospitals
  Msimangira, Kabossa Adolf 015-0601 Just in Time Supply Chain Practices in Developing Countries: A Case of the Public Healthcare Sector in Botswana
  Mu, Dong 015-0245 Self-organizing Evolution Mechanism of Regional Logistics System Based on Biology Community Theory
  Mu, Dong 015-0257 Study on Economic Measurement and Control of Coal Supply Chain’s Carbon Emissions
  Najafi, Tavani Saeed 015-0963 Agile Product Innovation
  Nakade, Koichi 015-0267 On Ordering Policies in a Manufucturer-Retailer Model with Advance Demand Information and Production Lead Time
  Nepal, Bimal 015-0187 Multi-Objective Optimization Model for Supply Chain Configuration for New Products
  Nieto, Yvan 015-0579 Is There Empirical Evidence on Non-linear Relationship Between Lead Time and Resource Utilization in Manufacturing Processes?
  Nobrega, Kleber Cavalcanti 015-0255 Servant Organization: A Comprehensive Approach to Servant Behavior from the Customer Point of View
  Nobrega, Kleber Cavalcanti 015-0296 The Importance of Central, Complementary and Supplementary Services Offered by a University on Students' Retention
  Oliveria, Otávio José de 015-0702 A Case Study on the Governance Role in a Metal-Mechanic Cluster: Challenges and Prospects
  Olhager, Jan 015-0272 The Impact of Manufacturing and Supply Chain Improvement Initiatives: Comparing Make-to-Order and Make-to-Stock Firms
  Oliveira, Otávio José de 015-0055 Integrated Management Systems in Industrial Companies of the São Paulo State – Brazil
  Orejuela, Juan Pablo 015-0695 Labor Scheduling in a Healthcare Company Considering the Welfare of its Employees
  Osorio, Juan Carlos 015-0491 Application of Fuzzy-QFD for Improving Academic Processes
  Ottong, Alexandra 015-0027 A Systematic Approach to Change Considering Corporate Culture
  Owen, David Garfield 015-0356 Relevance of Operations Management to Practising Managers in Emerging Economies
  Palm, William J 015-0555 Improving Outcomes in Outsourced Product Development: A Joint Consultant-Client Perspective
  Pandey, Divya 015-0565 An Integrated Model for Maintenance Planning, Process Quality Control and Production Scheduling
  Panzuto, Nicolle da Silva 015-0032 Analysis of Inventory Management in a Small Business
  Pazirandeh, Ala 015-0018 Local Capacity Building: A Logistics Perspective in Disaster Relief
  Pereira, Veridiana Rotondaro 015-0077 Knowledge Management in the Project Sector in the Automobile Industry
  Pereira, Giancarlo Medeiros 015-0343 Flexibilities and Marketing: Comparing Brazilian and Chinese Fashion Component Supply Chains
  Pereira, Susana Carla Farias 015-0660 Buyer-supplier Relational Characteristics: An Autoethnographic Research in a Brazilian Subsidiary of a European Multinational Firm
  Pereira, Susana C. Farias 015-0672 Brazilian International Publications in Production and Operations Management from 1980-2007: A Review of the Literature and Directions
  Piana, Janaina 015-0492 What Generates Competitiveness in Organizations?
  Pilkington, Alan 015-0177 Full Service Vehicle Manufacturing
  Pinheiro, de Lima Edson 015-0710 Operations Strategy and Performance Measurement Roles
  Pinto, Carlos Alberto Galamba P. 015-0606 The Portuguese Railway Locomotive Assembly Industry: An Adaptability Perspective
  Pires, Silvio R.I. 015-0083 Supply Chain Management and Performance: A Conceptual Systematization of Terminology
  Pires, Silvio R.I. 015-0374 Using Cloud Computing to Integrate Processes in the Supply Chain
  Plehn, Johannes Florian 015-0725 Tariff-oriented Supply Chain Management - Implications of Trade Agreements on Strategic Decisions
  Potter, Andrew 015-0397 Removing Bullwhip from the Tesco Supply Chain
  Powell, Daryl John 015-0158 Production Cell Development: Designing an Integrated Performance Measurement System
  Prieto, Vanderli Correia 015-0682 Strategic Alignment Antecedents and Consequences for Strategy Implementation
  Queiroz, Adriane A. F. S. Lopes de 015-0854 Social and Environmental Agreement and Conflicts Involved in Urban Solid Waste Management: The Case of Caximba Landfill in Brazil
  Rabechini, Roque 015-0948 In Pursuit of Implementation Patterns of Portfolio Management: An Action Research Study
  Raja, Jawwad Zia 015-0340 Assessing the 'Use Value' of Servitized Offerings: The Customer Perspective
  Ramos, Tânia Rodrigues Pereira 015-0699 A Multi-product, Multi-depot Periodic Vehicle Routing Problem in a Reverse Logistics System
  Reid, Iain 015-0927 Balancing the ‘Know-how’ and ‘Know-why’ of MTO Product Development
  Relvas, Susana 015-0687 Oil Products Distribution Systems: Multiproduct Pipeline Scheduling for Effective Inventory Management
  Ritchie, Ross 015-0331 Operational Risk: from Finance to Operations Management
  Rivera, Leonardo 015-0615 Using Systems Thinking to Enhance Lean Manufacturing Learning
  Rodrigues, Paulo Cesar Chagas 015-0043 Comparative Analysis between Process Mappings Using IDEF0 and Flow
  Rodrigues, Paulo Cesar Chagas 015-0150 Analysis of Performance Evaluation Model through the Balanced Scorecard in a Footwear Industry
  Rodrigues, José de Souza 015-0800 Using Business Games in Engineering Courses of UMINHO/Azurém and UNESP/Bauru
  Rodriguez, Betzabe 015-0353 Pricing and Assortment Decisions for a Manufacturer Selling through Dual-Channels
  Roman, Darlan José 015-0348 Complex Thinking in the Production Management
  Roy, Ram Naresh 015-0110 Effectiveness of Innovative Technologies in New Zealand Farming and Supply Chain Management: A Tale of Two Companies
  Rubiano, Ovalle Oscar 015-0670 Applying Value Stream Mapping to a Healthcare Study Case: A System Approach
  Ryan, Jennifer K 015-0106 Price and Service Competition in an Outsourced Supply Chain
  Sahba, Pedram 015-0007 A Model for Optimizing Repairshop Capacity and Spare Parts Inventory
  Salerno, Mario Sergio 015-0581 Organization and Management of the Expanded Innovation Value Chain
  Salour, Ali 015-0113 Advanced Sensor Development to Monitor Aircraft Sub-Component Product Life-cycle
  Sartor, Marco 015-0344 Security Risks in Service Offshoring/Outsourcing: An Assessment Model Based on the Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
  Schneider, Oliver 015-0457 Supply Chain Value Contribution – Assessing the Economic Value of Supply Chain Initiatives
  Seim, Andreas 015-0254 Creating Real-time Transparency in Hospital Processes
  Seim, Andreas R. 015-0802 Performance Measurement in Perioperative Environments: Current Practice at Two Large University Hospitals
  Seim, Andreas R. 015-0839 A Framework for Transparency
  Shockley, Jeff 015-0148 Evaluating Store Design Responsiveness to Product Line Margin Changes: an Empirical Analysis of U.S. Retailers
  Silva, Messias Borges 015-0713 Application of Taguchi Method in Process Improvement of Turning of a Superalloy NIMONIC 80A
  Silva, Messias Borges 015-0720 Process Improvement, Modeling and Optimization of Voids Related to Solidification in Steel Casting Process Using the Taguchi Approach
  Silva, Messias Borges 015-0738 The Key Success Factors in Choosing and Conducting a Lean Six Sigma Project
  Silva, e Meirelles Dimaria 015-0125 Strategic Positioning Taxonomy: a Service Integration Proposal
  Singh, Priyal 015-0679 Rethinking the Need for Multiple Paradigms in Operations Management Research
  Soares, Washington Luiz Pereira 015-0780 Induction of Management of the Modal Shift in Multimodal Strategy of Cargo Transport
  Soltani, Ebrahim 015-0006 The Application of Pelz Effect to Managing TQM Programmes
  Sousa, Sergio Dinis 015-0345 Application of the Six Sigma Methodology in Customer Complaints Management
  Spring, Martin 015-0643 On the Role of Objects and Observation in Engaged Qualitative Research
  Stößlein, Martin 015-0995 Student Research Programs in Greater China: Overview and Experience from an SCM Research Methodology Course
  Stratton, Roy 015-0732 Applying Manufacturing Flow Theory to Health and Social Care Management
  Sundarakani, Balan 015-0155 Robust Decision Model for Facility Location in a Global Supply Chain Network
  Sundarakani, Balan 015-0947 Study of Cold Chain Logistics Implementation Strategies: Insights from UAE Industry
  Tadisina, Suresh K 015-0278 Organizational Culture Context, Supply Chain Integration and Performance
  Tamura, Takayoshi 015-0215 Metaheuristics to Minimize Line Stoppage Time in Mixed-Model Assembly Lines
  Tang, Dong 015-0074 Finished-Goods Inventory Study under Capacitated Postponement in Semiconductor Manufacturing
  Tatham, Peter 015-0179 What Skills and Attributes Are Needed by Humanitarian Logisticians - a Perspective Drawn from International Disaster Relief Agencies
  Taylor, Ruth 015-0560 Service Productivity and Stakeholder Theory
  Teixeira, Rafael 015-0774 Co-production and Service Disruption in the Business Telecommunication Industry: A Numerical Taxonomy of B2B Buyer Network Structure Complex
  Teixeira, Jr Rodolfo Florence 015-0833 Implementation of an Advanced Planning and Scheduling System (APS) in Market-driven Foundries
  Teixeira, Jr Rodolfo Florence 015-0836 Proposal for Implementing an Advanced Planning and Scheduling System (APS) in an Electric Equipment Industry
  Tucker, Anita 015-0814 Going Through the Motions: An Empirical Test of Management Involvement in Process Improvement
  van der Rhee, Bo 015-0108 High-end Encroachment Patterns of New Products
  Verhasselt, Stephan 015-0735 Concept for an Integrated Ecological and Economical Evaluation of Textile Industry Supply Chains
  Vieira, Junior Milton 015-0016 Increasing the Productivity by the Change of Layout and by the Improvement on the Work Stations: A Case Study
  Vieira, Junior Milton 015-0017 The Use of Group Technology as a Tool to Organize a Production Kanban
  Vinelli, Andrea 015-0455 Sustainable Operations and Lean Management: Towards an Integrated Approach
  Wagner, Helen 015-0131 Free to Communicate in Operations Management: Facilitating Research in Emerging Economies
  Wanke, Peter F 015-0271 Variance of the Forecasting Error: Revisiting Top-down and Bottom-up Approaches under Different Updating Conditions
  Wanorie, Tekle O 015-0645 Upper and Lower Bounds on Inventory Control Model with a Fluctuating Currency
  Xie, Ying 015-0318 Green Community Pharmaceutical Supply Chain in UK: Reducing and Recycling Pharmaceutical Waste
  Xiu, Lu Shui 015-0316 Applying CART to the Prediction of Telecom Customer Lifecycle
  Xu, Zhiduan 015-0402 Reverse Supply Chain Coordination for E-waste Recycling Based-on Option Contract
  Xu, Kefeng 015-0669 Impacts of Coordination with Supplier and Customer on Quality and Flexibility Performance
  Xu, Samuel Yunxiao 015-0678 Meta-modeling of An Emergency Department DES Model: A Neural Networks Approach
  Yokozawa, Kodo 015-0265 International Transfer of Japanese Kaizen: An Empirical Study of Japanese Manufacturers in the Netherlands
  Zhang, Yufeng 015-0394 Building Network Capabilities for Global Operations
  Zhao, Lindu 015-0321 A Comparative Study on Tracking and Traceability System of Meat Supply Chain
  Zhao, Lindu 015-0385 A Dynamic Cooperation Model for Interregional Emergency Response