OpenMind Publishing Group is a publisher for the new millenium. Our collaborative publishing process gives instructors access to a great deal of information and gives the ability to customize and update content rapidly and easily. In a field that changes as rapidly as POM, where ideas get turned around in unexpected ways, publishing flexibility is critical and the ability to update content on a constant basis is essential to relevance.

To provide a forum for collaboration, OpenMind has established the OpenText Project as the premier online, collaborative publishing environment where instructors can share ideas, improve on the existing body of knowledge, and create the highest quality educational content available anywhere. The content created at the OpenText Project can become part of our core offerings at OpenMind, available for instructors to use in their courses and for students to purchase.

We are currently the publisher for two acclaimed Management texts:
Operations Management: A Systems Approach, by Martin K. Starr
Statistics for Managers, by Marion Gross Sobol and Martin K. Starr

Visit us at to learn more about how we can help you provide your students with the highest quality, most relevant content anywhere.