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The PDF file below contains the schedule and the abstracts for the POMS 2001 Conference: POM Mastery in the New Millenium.

This file is fully indexed and integrated with the papers received for the conference. You can perform a search on any keyword or phrase and get a list of papers in which the word(s) appear.

To search the abstracts and all papers, click the link at the bottom of this page to open the Schedule and Abstracts PDF. When the file is open, find the search icon in the top bar , click it, and enter your search term(s).

Don't confuse the "Search" icon (binoculars and a document) with the "Find" icon (binoculars only). If you use "Find" the results you get will be from the Schedule and Abstracts PDF only and will not include papers.

View the POMS 2001 Schedule and Abstracts