Clayton Christianson: Saturday, March 31

Do We Believe Our Own Findings? How We Could Transform Our Field Through Breakthrough Research?
In my remarks I will summarize my research over the last decade about how the interaction of technological progress with the customers' ability to utilize that process can trigger the disruption and disintegration of industries. I will then use these models to describe what I believe to be a serious disruptive threat to traditional schools of management, and offer thoughts about how our institutions are responding in ways that are perfectly predictable and perfectly wrong."

Christer Karlsson: Sunday, April 1
Professor at Stockholm School of Economics and European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management, Brussels

From Enterprise to Extraprise - The Changing Role of Industrial Management
Major challenges in industrial development, particularly for the OEM industry, strategic directions for companies, and consequences for companies and their members are outlined and analyzed. Global division of work is a concept for productive units including suppliers. Companies move from selling products to selling functions. New business logics with new entrants appear between the OEM and the customer. Economy of scale is shifting focus from production to product development. Emerging technology levels form the bases for the business mission definition, the required core competence, outsourcing, and the view of a knowledge network to be managed rather than the traditional organization. The emerging vision of the industrial company is that of a provider of a function rather than a product. Management contracts internal and external resources. There is not an organization but a projectified continuous organizing. The important capital is intangible in brands and collaborators. It is a shift from an enterprise to an extraprise.

Disney's Great Leader's Strategy Presenter: Mr. Lee Cockerell; Monday, April 2

Vice President Operations, Walt Disney World, P.O. Box 10000, Lake Buena Vista, FL 42830.

The Great Leader's Strategy centers on eleven strategies for individual performance development which blends together the elements of three major process improvements: Guest Service, Cast Excellence and Business Results.