Below is a list of papers received for the POMS Orlando 2001 conference along with the author(s). These materials represent version one of the proceedings, as it appears on the CD which was distributed at the conference. 

The complete version, containing all materials submitted, will be published on this page when available. Please check back soon. 
When the final version is published, it will be keyword searchable across all papers, as on the CD.


Cases in Operation Management

Are all industries headed towards the same organizational structure in Product Development?

Diana Chronéer

Case Study:


Xiaoyang WANG

Case: Healthcare 2001 Centre hospitalier de St-Valoir

Terri Friel
Martin Beaulieu
Claude Duguay
Sylvain Landry

Radical change in the supply chain management in the automotive spare parts business: the case of General Motors Brazil

Henrique Luiz Corrêa

Electronic Commerce Applications

Choosing Auction Strategies as a Component of E-Commerce Strategies Based on Organizational Characteristics of Brick-and-Mortar Firms

Rhonda L. Hensley

E-Business: The challenges of a new Business Strategic Model for the Brazilian Companies

FARIAS FILHO, José Rodrigues

e-Knowledge: An Approach To Fostering Manufacturing Know-how At The Shop Floor

Benny Tjahjono
Bin Wu

Electronic Commerce: the Virtual
Supermarket through the Customers’ Eyes

Karin Sylvia Graeml
Alexandre Reis Graeml
Andrea Valéria Steil

Internet Supply Chain Management: Identifying Success Factors

John R. Olson

Measuring E-Business Performance

Bernard Marr
Andy Neely

The E-tourism And The Virtual Enterprise

Scavarda, Annibal José Lustosa, Leonardo Junqueira
Teixeira, José Paulo

The Nucleus of an Application Service Provider in  Telemanufacturing

Layek Abdel-Malek

Virtual Factory: Myths and reality in the Brazilian context

João Amato Neto

Webcasting/Push Technology on Intranets and Extranets

Khalid M. Dubas
Cheickna Sylla

Enterprise Resource Planning

Building an ERP system for Global Logistics Management--A Case Study of A Computer Manufacturing Company

Huei-Huang Chen,
Yu-Chung Hung
Shi-Ming Huang
Shing-han Li


Fernando Piero Laugeni and Paulino Graciano Francischini 

Design and Delivery of Information System using ERP Database Management Software

Charu Chandra

Ruzanna Marukyan

Enterprise Resource Planning System Implementation: A Re-engineering Approach

Shi-Ming Huang , Irene Kwan*, Shing-Han Li** , and Maverick Yu

ERP and Learning Communities in Business Education

George Joseph, Ph.D, Asst. Professor of Accounting

Reggie Leseane, Asst. Professor of Information Systems

Asha George, Instructor, Information Systems

Ontology-Driven Knowledge Integration for Consumer-Focused Smart Companies

Charu Chandra

Alexander V. Smirnov

Organizations and ERP Systems: Conceptualizing Fit

Toni M. Somers

Klara G. Nelson

Pedagogy and ERP: Designing Instructional Methods for Different Learning Styles

Edward Desmarais Leah Ritchie

Simulation Modeling for Information Management in a Supply Chain

Charu ChandraNikolai Chilov

Writing a Winning ERP Proposal

Craig McLanahan


Larson Kathy Dow

Sanjay Jain

Joseph Aiyeku

Edward Desmarais

Victor Silva<

Environmental Issues

Suppliers and Environmental Innovation: The Automotive Paint Process

Dr. Sandra Rothenberg

Aligning Accountability and Awareness for Environmental Performance in Operations

Karen R. Chinander, Ph.D.

Assessing the Technical and Economic Feasibility of Remanufacturing

Jaime Ritchey

Farzad Mahmoodi

Mark Frascatore

Amy Zander

Greening Products by Supply Chain Target Costing
The Example of Polyester Linings

Stefan Seuring

Proactive Environmental Management Of Manufacturing Companies

Prof. Dr. Karl-Werner Hansmann1 and Claudia Kroeger2

Reuse Issues in Reverse Logistics: A Disposable Camera Operation

Monique L. French

Revolutionizing EHS Management: Web-Based EHS Management Systems

Shaun Booth, P.E.

Joseph Tell

Solutions For Industrial Reverse Logistics Systems

Kai-Ingo Voigt

Global Operations Management

Critical Factors in International Location Decisions: A Delphi Study

Bart MacCarthy and  Walailak Atthirawong

Impacts and Determinants of Teamwork

Michiya Morita

Strategy Formulation and Competence Building in New Organizational Arrangements

Afonso Fleury and Maria Tereza Fleury

The Transition From Multi-Domestic To Global Supply Chain Operations In The Automotive Industry Of Emerging Countries

Scavarda, Luiz Felipe Freese, Jochen Hamacher, Silvio Pires, Sílvio R. I. Sihn, Wilfried

Global Supply Chain Management

A Model for Studying Inventory Flexibility Advantages of a Direct Market

Kyle Cattani

Gilvan C. Souza

Catalyzing Value through a logistics perspective

Dr. Terri Friel
Marie-Hélène Jobin

E-Supply Chain Management - Results Of An Empirical Study

Axel Brasler

Global Supply Chain Management in Emerging Markets

Samuel Vieira Conceição, Ph.D
Eduardo C. de Sá Gazolla
Estela Pérez Díaz

Heuristics On Reverse Logistics

Rico Wojanowski
Ralph Seelmann-Eggebert
Michael Schenk

Industrial Upgrading in the Productive Chains in the Brazilian Apparel Industry

Juan Ricardo Cruz-Moreira
Afonso Fleury

Measuring Supply Chain Performance

Pires, Sílvio R. I. Aravechia,
Carlos H. M.

Models for Supply Chain Management: A Taxonomy

Ilaria Giannoccaro and Pierpaolo Pontrandolfo

Supply Chain Integrated Logistical Processes: Achieving the Key Logistical Process Linkages Required to Deliver Optimal Supply Chain Performance

Peter W Robertson
Peter Gibson
John T Flanagan

Supply Chain Management and the Role of Inter-Organisational Relationships in Service Organisations

Mihalis Giannakis

The Impact of Disintermediation in Retail Supply Chains

Scott E. Sampson

Stanley E. Fawcett

The VW Resende (Brazil) plant modular consortium SCM model after 5 years of operation

Henrique Luiz Corrêa

Healthcare Management

An Application Of Goal Programming In The Allocation Of Anti-TB Drugs In Rural Health Centers In The Philippines

Giselle Joy C. Esmeria

Challenges of Simulating Hospital Facilities

Martha A. Centeno, Elizabeth López, Marsha A. LeeManuel Carrillo, Tom Ogazon

Expert Systems Approaches for Decision Support in Health Care

Mohamed EL Etribi

Inside Smaller Hospitals: Managing Service Operations

Dr, Bhagwati P. Saraswat

Hospitality and Tourism

Process Choice, Process Layout and Technology in the Hotel Industry

Professor Andrew LockwoodProfessor Peter Jones

Service Industry And Tourism Industry

Scavarda, Annibal José Lustosa, Leonardo Junqueira Teixeira, José Paulo

The Tourism Industry Chain

Scavarda, Annibal
José Lustosa, Leonardo
Junqueira Scavarda, Luiz Felipe

Information Technology and Management

A Knowledge-Based Model For The Analysis Of Manufacturing Problems

A.Claudio Garavelli
Michele Gorgoglione

The Dichotomy Of Measurement:Information Technology Return On Investment In The Public Sector

Donald A. Forrer

Terry A. Anderson

The Main Management Processes in the Elaboration of E-business Strategies

Magnus Luiz Emmendoerfer 

The Structure and Application of Task-Centered Multimedia Manufacturing Information System

Bin Wu

Innovations in Teaching & Learning (Taking POM to New Audiences)

Designing an Operations Management Course to Simultaneously Meet Instructional & Research Objectives

Michael A. Haughton and Stanford E. Moore

Developing a Web-based Production and Operations Management Course: Lessons Learned

Kimberlee D. Snyder

Enhancing the Content and Delivery of a Distributed Graduate Transportation Management Program

Glenn G. Shephard

Restructuring Operations Management
Classes using Computer Mediated Techniques

Aldo Cosentino Rolf Hermann Erdmann Angelise Valladares Monteiro 

The Internationalization of Engineering Education

Luiz Carlos Scavarda-do-CarmoFrederico PalmeiraJosé Alberto dos Reis Parise Marcos Azevedo da Silveira

JIT Manufacturing/Lean Production

A Study of the Flyer Advertising Affect When Utilizing TMS-S at Toyota

Kakuro Amasaka (Dr)

Just-in-Time (JIT) Production in Service Operations - Document Automation: A Case Study

Brad Richcreek

Jiaqin Yang

Lean Production and Technology Networking in the Automotive Supplier Industry

Manuela P. Pérez and Angel M. Sánchez*

Lean Production and the Internet

Robert N. Mefford

Pull Systems: Implementation Experience in American Manufacturing

Charles Standard and Dale Davis

Pull Systems: Implementation Experience in American Manufacturing

Charles Standard and Dale Davis

Two Moment Approximations for Fork/Join Stations with Applications to Modeling Kanban Systems

Ananth Krishnamurthy and Rajan Suri

Mary Vernon

Logistics and Distribution

Improving Supply Chain Operations Performance

Bernardo Villarreal and Veronica A. Tapia

Models and Methods for Operations Systems

Determining the Optimal Amount and Location of Inventory in a Two-Stage Supply Chain

Jishnu Hazra

Peruvemba S. Ravi

The Implication of Planning Environments on the Success of Manufacturing Planning and Control Methods

Patrik Jonsson & Stig-Arne Mattsson

OM in Entrepreneurship

Adaptation by Small Organizations to Changes in the Nature of Competitive Advantage as E-Commerce Becomes Primary Interface

Kimbrough Sherman

Harsha B. Desai

OM in Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurial Engine

Burchill, Gary
Gray, Ann E.

Operations Planning, Scheduling and Control

A Feasibility Study for Implementing a Cellular Manufacturing Solution for a Foil Cutter Production Line

M. Ali MontazerAlan J. Peterson

An Analysis of the Effects of Interdependence and Variability on the Operational Control of a Five-Station Manufacturing Cell

Ralph, Howard Jr.,

Batch Sizes in Push Manufacturing

Tom Biss

Enterprise Co-operation Leads To Extended Products And More Efficiency

Florent Frederix

How to implement integrated Project Management for Plant Constructors

Rico Wojanowski
Andreas Hartung
Michael Schenk


Herbert Blake, Jr.



Knowledge in Planning Scheduling and Control

Jane Guinery,
Dr Sarah Crawford,
Dr Bart MacCarthy

Resource Allocation with Lumpy Demand: To Speed or Not to Speed?

Bintong Chen
Charles L. Munson

Simultaneous Determination of Production and Maintenance Schedules Using In-Line Equipment Condition and Yield Information

Thomas W. Sloan

State and Parameter Estimation for a Partially Observable System

Subject to Random Failure

Daming Lin, Viliam Makis
Andrew K.S. Jardine


Robert F. Bordley

Towards a More Effective Method of Scheduling Resource-Constrained Multiple Projects

Edward D. Walker II

Using SPC Chart Techniques in Production Planning and Scheduling: Two Case Studies

Thananya Wasusri
Bart MacCarthy

Operations Strategy

A Process For Manufacturing Objectives Deployment

K. H.Tan
K. W. Platts

Aspects On Manufacturing Strategy:
A Case Study At Saab Automobile, Sweden

Mats Winroth
Mats Björkman

Defining World Class Manufacturing:  Examination of“America’s Best” Plants

Ram Narasimhan,
Morgan Swink

In Search of a Methodology for Strategy Development — Considerations for a Network Organization

FARIAS PEREIRA , Suzana CPEREIRA, Luís Henrique,
QUEIROZ, Adriane A. F. S. L. de

Long-Run Strategies With Short-Term Politically Sustainable Results

Felipe Reis Graeml, Alexandre Reis Graeml, Rolf Hermann Erdmann

Managing Innovation: A Point Of View Of SME´S Networks In The Brazilian  Electronic Industry.

Maria Elena León and  João Amato Neto

Manufacturing Strategy Development in the Production Value Chain

Ely Laureano Paiva 

Telework and Human Relations Management: the Relationship Between Production Strategy and the Adoption of Telework in Industrial and Service Companies

Manuela P. Pérez and Angel M. Sánchez

Testing a Make-or-Buy Process

L. Cáñez, D. Probert and K. Platts

The Balanced Scorecard as a Communication Protocol for Managing Across Intra-Organizational Borders

Neelesh Antarkar

The Conceptual Structure of a Unified Framework of Manufacturing and Supply System Management

Bin Wu

The Utility of the Hayes and Wheelwright Four Stage Model in a UK Context

David Barnes, Frank Rowbotham, Angela Zvesper

Product and Process Design

Delivery Time Reduction Framework Development For Emergency, Make-to-order Replacement Parts

Hoffman, J. M
Ormsby, J. G

Effects of team familiarity and project changes on NPD project development times

Marcos Primo
Susan D. Amundson

Modelling the front end of the new product introduction process FOR Rapid Product Development

Ashok K Kochhar
Mark Williams

Quality Output Through Procedure Verification At Texas Foundry

Joseph G. Ormsby
Matt Lindsey
Kathy Bates

Time And Resource Characteristics Of Radical New Product Development (NPD) Projects And their Dynamic Control

Andreea B. Dragut
J. Wil M. Bertrand

Quality/Process Improvement and Management

A Comparative Analysis of Utility Rate Forecasting: The Cape Coral Experience

Terry A. Anderson
Donald A. Forrer

A New Model For Traceability Evaluation based on Costs-Benefits Analysis FMECA Principles and Fuzzy Sets Techniques

M. Lando,
S. Riemma,
M. Savino,

Business Profile Benchmarking: Case Studies in POMS Improvement in Six Australian SMEs

John F Dalrymple

Flowcharting with Excel

Daniel R. Heiser
Paul Schikora

Holistic Quality Control Through Individual Control Loops

Steffen Fröhlich, Dr. Dieter Gerlach, Ralph Seelmann Eggebert

Improvement Teams As Support For The Quality System Implemented According To ISO 9000


Process Improvement / Reengineering Integrated In An Organisation’s Management Systems

LOOKS, Volker;
WU, Bin

Quality as the Main Requirement for the Competitive Survival of the Software Development Industries in the Future

Gabriela M. Cabel  and Paulino Graciano Francischini

Quality of Life: Different Points of View

Felipe Reis Graeml, Guillermo Ney Caprario, Rolf Hermann Erdmann<

The 5 Gaps in City Management

Felipe Reis Graeml, Alexandre Reis Graeml, Rolf Hermann Erdmann

Research in Operations Strategy

Researching Strategic Management Processes

KW Platts,
JF Mills,
AH Richards
MCS Bourne,
AD Neely

Service   Operations    Management  

A Model of Service Classification Based on Consumer Needs


An Agenda for Service Case Management

Jacob V. Simons, Jr
Gregory R. Russell,

An LAV Methodology For Forecast Combination In Services Forecasting

J. Gaylord May
Joanne M Sulek

How the Year 2000 Revisions of ISO 9000 Affect Service Organizations

Forrest B. Green

Learning Management as a Requirement to Brazilian State Public Sector

Áureo dos Santos
Rolf Hermann Erdmann

The Unified Services Theory Approach to Service Operations Management

Scott E. Sampson

Using Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) to Improve Service Quality

Roberto Gilioli Rotondaro
Claudio Lopez de Oliveira

Technology and Information Management

A Case Study on the Development Methodology of a Factory Control System and Interface with an Integrated System in the Shipbuilding Industry

Tae-Hyun Baek
Kuy-Hoon Chung
Hyung-Shik Kim
Ju-Chull Park

An Interactive Decision Support System, Its Potential For Strategic, Tactical and Operational Decisions in a Service Type of Organization

Miriam E. Necesito

An Investigation of Design Methodologies for Internet Business Application Development

Maneli Rodriguez-Medina,
Ronald Giachetti,

Analysis of Applying Knowledge Management in an Information Technology Call Center

Luz Minerva Gonzalez
Ileana Gonzalez
Ronald Giachetti
G uillermo Ramirez

Evaluation of A Manufacturing Task Support System Using The
Task-Technology Fit Model

Benny Tjahjono,
Dev Fakun,
Richard Greenough
John Kay

The Prospects of Media Serviceability Engineering